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Rhymes and Agreements: A Rap Style Blog

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Yo yo, listen up, I’ve got something to say

About legal agreements rap in a fresh new way

From free online rent to chicken farm dreams

With free online rent agreement, you’ve got what it seems

But if you’re at Sears, you might wonder the price

Of a protection agreement, is it cold as ice?

For those legal buffs, legal precedents ring

And in real estate, commission agreements sing

If you’re worried ’bout inheritance and the law

Check if your daughter in law’s a legal heir y’all

Looking for security? Third party has your back

With a security agreement, you’ll stay on track

Why is it called Murphy’s Law, you might wonder with awe

Check it out on the link, it’s the legal explanation that won’t leave you raw

And if you’re into Latin and all that legal jazz

Check out nunc pro tunc agreement, it’s got pizzazz

Now, if you’re down with the government legal group

Jump into commercial law with legal expertise in the loop

So there you have it, legal agreements in rap

Check the links, yo, don’t take no nap