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The RIght ServIce

Correct Manufacturer Sources And Efficient Markets


We start our business by analyzing and understanding all the needs and requirements of our buyer in the best way.


As GEO MSC, the services we provide during the purchasing process are constitute an
integrity and each one is planned to complement each other.


Consultancy under the umbrella of GEO MSC ; as a result of all our activities carried out
in the fields of purchasing and services, mutual satisfaction is measured.

Production Departments

All production processes are
under our control

Sizing - Weaving

High production capacity with new technologies.


Access many knitting varieties with GeoMsc.

Dyeing and Finishing

Dyeing and Finishing in OEKO-TEX standarts with wide machines parkour


Quality prints in different product groups.

Cutting / Sewing / Confection

The entire cutting & sewing process with the latest technology and experienced mastery


State of the art tests with an experienced team.

Let’s build all your international business bridges all together

Let’s work together with GEOMSC, with its team with over 25 years of experience, all your domestic or international connections.

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What’s on your mind and take another step in
order to get some mutual feedbacks

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